Prudent Pearl Survey

During November 2012 I decided to carry out a survey on childbirth.  This was intended purely for my own curiosity, as being an auditor, I trust no-one and need proof of anything I am told!

Throughout my pregnancy and hypnobirthing courses, I had read and been quoted various statistics and statements about inductions, length of labour, breech babies etc. etc.  All of which seemed to come from outdated research, or from that carried out in other countries.  So, I decided to put all the claims I had heard to the test, and carry out my own survey using real people, in real time and in my own country.  Using various social media groups, I put my survey out there for all to complete.

I was pleasantly surprised to have received 141 completed surveys within a month of making the survey live.  So I eagerly set about analysing the results, the findings of which are here for you to see below.  (Although, please note, this is a summary of the key findings.  I did not appreciate just how much data I had collected and many more statistics can come from this data.  If you have any questions regarding childbirth statistics, please ask and I’ll see if I have the information already collected to answer any queries).

The results proved interesting, and I am pleased to say, confirm all that I had learnt.  But now, I can confidently teach and preach to others with my own evidence to back up my claims!

I would like to thank all those that supported me with my research by completing my survey.



Please click on the document Survey Analysis to see results of my Childbirth Survey.  Don’t hesitate to contact me with any queries or if you would like further information.